Are you more interesting than Cousin Margaret?

In this post from Convince and Convert titled Social Media Strategy in 8 Steps, Jay Baer highlights several interesting topics. The one that most resonated for me was “Step 7: How Will You Be Human?” Jay states “The mechanics of social force companies to compete for attention versus your customers’ friends and family members.” He’s referring to the fact that most people’s “friend lists” in their social media area mix of friends, family members and businesses. Your company will have to compete with your customers’ valued drinking buddies and their Cousin Margaret and her cat.

I love this point because I run into many companies who drink their own Kool Aid a bit too aggressively. They really think that their tweet about the newest version of their Gyro98-12 (“Now with Fuvi-action!”) will be as interesting as the latest Bad Lip Reading YouTube video.

What actually can help a company succeed in social media is to be, as Jay states, human. This means:

  • Don’t overwhelm your followers with the features of your products.
  • Try to entertain as you educate.
  • Allow a personal voice to come through – consider tweeting as “Jenny from YourCompanyHere” instead of just “YourCompanyHere.”

I know. It isn’t super easy to find someone who can speak accurately to your products, possibly be a little amusing and has the time to spend on social media. Which brings me to my final point – if you can’t do it effectively, you are probably better off focusing your marketing efforts elsewhere until your bandwidth changes. Or you could always get a cat to spice up your content.