We have expertise providing services to key industry markets including:


Most start-ups begin with amazing ideas coupled with lean marketing budgets and limited business development expertise. Our work with Fabrik, Gadzoox, HyperAppliance and others provides a firm basis for strategic market analysis, corporate planning and tactical marketing programs to help your company present the best image and vision to your customers, investors and partners.


The networking space is growing by leaps and bounds, resulting in short-term marketing holes for even the largest companies. With extensive experience in Fortune 500 companies like Cisco and NetAPP and in smaller companies like HyperAppliance and Vormetric, we can ensure your marketing is consistent, well-thought out and seamless.


Large semiconductor powerhouses rely on full-service marketing departments to reach their goals. For smaller, fabless companies, this is not always viable. With over 15 years of experience designing marketing and communications programs for companies like PLDA, Accelize, Tropian, MOSAID and others, we can help you compete within your budget.


Storage companies work diligently on multi-channel strategies to engage their very diverse audiences. With marketing experience in the OEM, distribution, reseller and retail spaces for companies like Seagate, WD and IBM, we can help you create and implement programs to more easily engage with a variety of customers, increasing your effectiveness.


Staffing companies are necessary in the Silicon Valley area, helping companies adapt to change and growth. Our work with leading staffing and consulting companies including Crimson, RichMar and The Armada Group can help you rise above your competition with marketing programs to attract customers and showcase your talent pool and expertise.


In the non-profit sector, cost effectiveness is paramount. We understand that very dollar you spend is a dollar that could have been used to fund your cause and you need to be selective about what you fund. Our work with local schools, The Mr. October Foundation for Kids and others gives us the knowledge to help your non-profit grow and reach new donors, with minimal outlay.