We love our job

We enjoy working with our clients to develop amazing solutions for their toughest marketing challenges.

We really enjoy marketing and we believe in creating unique marketing solutions that will deliver a desired response. Every day, we find things that inspire us to new approaches and ideas for our clients. This approach ensures that work is actually fun and helps us create the results that make our clients happy and satisfied.
We walk in assuming we can make your business better from day one. If something isn’t working, we’ll find a new approach that will work. Great ideas come from everyone in a company, and we love a truly creative process. We want to give you more than just a set of marketing programs. We want you to come away with a way of thinking about marketing that will keep you on the leading edge.
If you want a full marketing team but just can’t justify hiring five new people, we are your solution. Our clients don’t see us outsiders, but as a crucial part of their team, and we view them as part of ours. We can provide anything from a full-blown strategic market assessment to a simple press release or product brochure. You have things you do well and we have things we do well and we’ll work together to create an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect.


David Tang
David TangCorporate Strategy, Market Optimization
David focuses on strategic corporate initiatives, start-up technology business planning and creating long-term market advantage for his clients. With over twenty-five years of experience in the information technology industry, David is an aggressive strategist, quick to research and analyze the current market landscape and the opportunities for growth. David is a creative problem solver who thrives on collaborating across functional, business and cultural boundaries and is able to form, lead and inspire teams by articulating and aligning on common objectives. Past and current clients include Cisco, Seagate, Western Digital, NetApp, HyperAppliance, Vormetric and Mr. October.
Michelle Van Dyke
Michelle Van DykeMarCom, Web & Graphic Design
Michelle focuses on digital marketing projects, marketing communications, graphic design, creative services and web design and programming. She has over 20 years of experience in high tech enterprise companies augmented with recent experience in emerging companies in the semiconductor and staffing arenas. Functioning as a “one-person marketing department”, she specializes in graphic design, website design, copywriting expertise, ad planning, SEO and SEM, tradeshow planning, and direct marketing, increasing revenue and recognition for her clients. Past and current clients include IBM, Seagate, Netscape, Accelize, PLDA, Crimson Marketing, RichMar, Lorom, Neutronix and Mr. October.