Dynasty Consulting, located in San Jose, CA, is an independent marketing consulting company offering complete “marketing-in-a-box” services to leading clients worldwide.

Unlike traditional marketing agencies, Dynasty Consulting is focused on providing just what you need, with no retainers and no long-term contracts, allowing your business to grow and adapt to changing market needs.

Our approach:

Why use an independent consultant?

Flexibility and Focus:

Working with an independent contractor will allow you greater leeway in managing fluctuating workloads. You can hire contractor who is specifically focused on your need without consideration of their long-term role. This enables you to be a more flexible and nimble competitor.

Optimized Costs:

Hiring a good independent contractor can deliver the specialized expertise you need with no training time. Additionally, most executive-level independent contractors will not require benefits, lowering your cost of employment. The bottom line is you receive C-Level expertise at a manageable cost.

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